Sunday, February 28, 2010

Safe for work...

Hi everyone!
The other day I had a job interview so my lovely colours had to be removed and do... safe for work colours.

Ugh. I hate it. I mean, just because my nails are holographic turquoise (they're not...) doesn't mean I can't be professional, right? Better to play it safe in the interview stage I figure.

This is Avon Nailwear in "Venus" - i've had this one FOREVER. I got this at the same time I got a pastel purple - and I remember wearing that to primary school! Gak!

I mattified it... thought it would make it look cooler. It did, purely because matte is a novelty to me still (lol)

On another note - I received these two lovelies in the mail!

And oh... my... god... how have I been polishing my nails for this long without Seche Vite? It's AMAZING. Though I've heard scary stories of tip shrinkage and it going gloopy after using only half a bottle - any tips on how to work this stuff the right way?


Skye said...

0oo0o0 i love this colour on you and seche is amazinggggggggggggg isnt it!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I can't live without my Seche - yes, you may have some shrinkage issues (who cares), but go read my little follow up on my Moonie Mani - it totally saved what I thought was going to be a disaster!!!!

I love this golden color and the matte is *mattetastic*....


Toxin said...

Thanks skye - i think this colour is totally bleh but it's the nicest bleh colour I could find for an interview haha!

Tiffani - will do! Thanks doll!

Stephanie said...

I think you'll want to get Seche's thinner which I believe is called Seche Restore. Usually I need to thin it after about half a bottle. The REAL problem is that the brush isn't long enough to reach down into it once you've used a little more than half a bottle. It's a pain in the ass. What I usually do is, one I've used half, I go buy another one, use half of that one, and then combine those two into one bottle. Then the cycle begins again. It's a great topcoat, it just has some issues.

Toxin said...

Thanks Stephanie thats a great tip! Does normal acetone work or do you have to use Restore?

Anonymous said...

Me and Seche argue. Alot. Alot alot. I've been cheating on seche, but it seems all fdtc's get gloopy. Poshe waited til the last quarter bottle to get goopy though, and it has a crazy long brush that reaches to the bottom.
I've heard if you put a couple drops of Seche Restore in every time you use it, that it saves the bottle the whole time you use it. I haven't tried it, and everytime I've thinned SV when it gets goopy, it loses its fast dry. Ugh. :(
I loooooooooooooooove that gold color! So pretty.

DO NOT USE ACETONE TO THIN!!!!!!!! Acetone is designed to break down polish, not thin it. Acetone will remove color and destroy the polish EEK. (Made that mistake when I was like 13 hahahha. lesson learned. The.hard.way. Ruined my fave franken of my early teens :( )

Evil Angel said...

Seche Vite is my mistress...I love her dearly!
Tips: I use regular thinner from Sally and it works great, usually need to add some near half way down.
Most importantly with SV do not wait for your polish to dry at all! As soon as you finish applying polish to the last finger, start applying SV and wrap the tips with both color and SV and you'll not have shrinkage!

Kaz said...

So glad I don't have to wear "work appropriate" colours at work!

I can't say I'm a fan of Seche Vite - I always go straight for my Orly In A Snap. Never had shrinkage. Ever!

gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love this color on you!

Toxin said...

Scandalous - Gotcha. I think the couple of drops every time method might work for me - that seems easier than to try to work out the right amount and possibly ruin it!

Evil Angel - I haven't had any shrinkage yet! Maybe it just likes me ^-^ So far it's been all good! My first go I just smaked it over the top to see what would happen - it's worked great!

Kaz - yeah, goddamn corporate bullshite!

sarahloo said...

I just used Seche vite last night for the first time & I HEAR YOU, GIRL! I thought the same thing: how did I polish my nails so long without this?

sarahloo said...

...what do ya'll mean by shrinkage?

Toxin said...

Sarahloo - sorry hun for some reason I totally missed your comments the first time around! I can't believe I lived for so long NOT KNOWING WHAT IT EVEN WAS!

Oh and shrinkage is when you put on your fast dry top coat (fdtc) and it "shrinks" the polish away from the edges - making it look kinda funky.

I don't get shrinkage - but a tip I learnt from Evil Angel is to wrap the polish over the edge of your nails, Voila! No shrinky polish!

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