Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A BAT! P2, Toxin the model...


Yep you read right, model.
Some of you know I studied photography in Uni but was unable to complete it due to financial situations.
Now I'm trying my hand at modelling, I literally fell into it - I turned up at a photoshoot and the wardrobe stylist said "you'll be wearing this!" i was shocked - "I'm not a model - I'm one of the photographers!" "not today - we have two models and four photographers plus you... you're tall, skinny and pretty enough. You're a model."

From there I discovered a whole new way of doing things - modelling with the eye and knowledge of a photographer, learning how other people use poses and lighting to best effect, what looks good, what doesn't. For now its a new little side path on the main road I am heading down.

I had a shoot on saturday in Ballarat in the Botanical Gardens, this one was for an amazing Corset Designer called Obsidian Lace. I looove her corsets. For the shoot I wore "Dutchess" (the black steampunk one) and one from her GlitterSniffer range - a collaboration with an amazing artist.

I won't bombard you with photos, but I may add to this as more come in from the photographers.

Photographer: Ray Price

Photographer: Sonya

And already posted - the rest of my modelling work so far...
What do you think?

Also, I have the opportunity to purchase one of these corsets... which one do you think I should get?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm back...ish

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, work has kept me very busy, with that and fixing my mad sleeping pattern I haven't had much time to myself! I'll set up blogger to do a couple of posts this week so my blog isn't being ignored!

So here's the polish I was wearing for pretty much all of this week!
You've all seen it a billion times by now, but I just love it!
China Glaze - Ruby Pumps
I won this in Tiffani's (Yardsticks 4 Lunatics) giveaway!

Ew, working with paper all day is wreaking freaking havok with my hands... they're disgusting.
Oh and excuse the wear on the above pics, these were taking on day 4! *blush blush*
Hopefully I'll have this working/blogging thing sorted very soon.

I love you all and miss you so much!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toxin's Lipstick... [Huge post, image heavy]

Hi everyone!
Just a quick little post to show you what I got in the mail.

First off, yes I know about the drama. No, I don't really care. I bought these on eBlah-y. I've heard A LOT of reviews that say these are either AMAZING or AWFUL.
I went with the two colours that a) I would probably wear and b) seem to have fared better in most reviews.

What am I talking about?

Yup. I did it. And yes they look like sex toys... I showed a girl at work today (HAHA ME AT WORK *dies*) and she was frightened. The poor girl had no idea what I was about to do when in the bathroom I pulled it out of my handbag for a touchup. She was very relieved to find it was only a lipstick.

These are the two I got, Retrofuturist and Styletto.

Surprisingly, I like them! I have issues with lipstick, usually being that I forget that I have it on and wipe it all over my face or eat it off so it's patchy. Also, I can't get kisses from Jai. I wore the red to work, and it really is red. I have Urban Decay's "Jezebel" (discontinued) which I always thought was a kablam red. This is my new kablam red, it really is a true red, very bright with no blue or orange undertones.

Now for my review of these...

First off, I was a little disappointed.
The colour was great, packaging is... sex toy-esque, and yes, they kinda smell like MAC, but my issue is that it was slightly busted before I got to try it on.
When i opened it i wound it up very very carefully as I've read a few reviews where Retrofuturist is broken, and didn't want it falling on the carpet in case that happened with my tube, it wasn't broken off, but it did have a mark on the side.
The first time putting it on I noticed it was wobbling a hell of a lot. After taking it to work today it sweated a little and seems to have gone melty at the bottom.
I've used it twice now and it's pretty much broken off at the bottom.

So now I apply it with a lip brush while it's only wound up a teensy bit, allowing me to be much more careful.
The pics above are done with a brush, blotted, then applied from the tube.
The colour ends up the same either way, though this little guy stains quite a bit.

(After almost 15 hours I took it off... to find this.)

It's not as drying as I've read, and has a semi-matte texture. It stays really well without annoying me, if any lipstick feels gunky I can't forget I'm wearing it and usually end up taking it off after 5 minutes. I wore this all day (from 7.30am until 10pm - minus taking it off to swatch Styletto) and only reapplied 4 times including the swatch above.

It's really soft feeling, not chunky, not dry, not glossy, not goopy, awesome colour and overall, I like it. I'm not completely convinced about Lime Crime's other colours, the swatches look really either really patchy or like they're wearing the entire tube or photoshopped, though from my experience, even with the melty/breaky/staining formula, I think I'd buy it again.

Sorry for my wonky application on this one!
Black is hard to do perfectly, whether it's eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow or lipstick, and if you stuff it up, it's screamingly obvious.
This one was pretty good. When I first opened the tube it was picture perfect, now the side has a mark just like R.
It feels soft and creamy and kind of "light" compared to most other dark lipsticks, but you can still feel that it's there.
This is a true black that fades out to a grey - not a purple.
In the pics above it doesn't look that way - that's because I wore Retrofuturist all day and it stained my lips, so that's the red tones you can see above.

Here's a swatch picture on my hand to prove it.

This one stains too, as you can see below.
I had this on my hand for long enough to set up the photo above, snap it, then find a paper towel.

Okay, I have a confession.
This is my first ever black lipstick.
I was always afraid of looking like a goth kid using halloween makeup or a juggalo.

Not what we want... so I avoided it. Sure I had dark purples and deep dark colours that were *almost* black - but they weren't. So I finally took the plunge.
You know what? I'm glad I did.
I love it.
It's severe, and at the same time I think it looks good, not teenager shoplifting from a halloween store at all. I mostly bought it for photoshoots, but I think I'd happily wear it out clubbing. Maybe not to work...

Black lipstick is becoming more mainstream, MAC did it with their Style Black collection (from which I got two liglosses) and Catwalks are going mad with it.
When I took the shot of Styletto on, the shape of my lips reminded me of this:

Unfortunately what I was going for was more of this:

So all in all, Lime Crime, you have a goth's black lipstick cherry.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY RESULTS! [language warning]

Yes, I work fast.

I used a long and arduous process of printing out paper and writing on it how many entries each person had, then giving them the amount of entries as consecutive numbers. All in all there were 191 entries belonging to 50 people. I then hit up random.org and told it to give me a number between 1 and 191.

Rant language and winner behind the jump...

Giveaway now closed!

Hi all,
Midnight has come and gone and entries to my giveaway are now closed.
Best of luck to everyone!
I'm thinking about having a 100 follower contest on the heels of this, any ideas for a great contest?


Monday, March 22, 2010

Seriously very last ever chance for right now...

Last chance to enter my giveaway! You have barely over 24 hours... if you want to win you have to submit by MIDNIGHT TOMORROW AUSTRALIAN EASTERN STANDARD TIME. (GMT+10)

On another note, a package arrived today from the VERY lovely Tiffani at Yardsticks 4 Lunatics!
I'll get to swatching soon... a couple of products I've been lemming and some new Konad plates! Hooray!
Thanks so much Tiffani! You ROCK!
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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hi everyone!
I know I said I wont be posting much but I just had to make a little announcement.
I just hit 100 followers!

I know this might drop off after my giveaway ends but I just wanted to say thank you to ALL of my lovely followers, both old and new.

I never imagined I would hit 100 in such a short period of time.
I know it's cheesy but I didn't start this blog with the intention of getting followers, I just wanted to put myself out there and meet some lovely people, which I think I have definitely done!

I hope you'll all stick around and watch all the new things coming for Toxic Lipstick, I'm not giving anything away just yet but I have some big things planned for this little blog.

My giveaway is closing in just a small amount of time with only 49 entries so far, so that's FIFTY ONE of you followers who haven't entered, including some long time followers that I know are reading this so please enter as I'd hate for you to miss out!

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway!

Lots and lots of love,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time off for Toxin...

Hi everyone!

I have had one heck of a weird day today.

As you know I'm unemployed at the moment but today I got an offer for some temping work, as well as an invitation to a job induction as well as in just over a week I have an interview for a third job.

This week is going to be BUUUSSSSYYYY. Which means Toxin needs a little break. I'm going to be very corporate-bland and not my usual spookycute self at all. I have a feeling inspiration will dwindle. The upside of this is that in just a little while I may be employed! (Lots more money for polish!)

I'll still be painting away, so I'll have lots to show you when I get back from my break.

This will not affect my giveaway at all (for which you have just over 4 DAYS to enter. I noticed I have less than half of the entries that I have followers, so if you're reading this, make sure you enter RIGHT NOW.)

Keep my blog warm for me while I'm away, okay?
(I'm still contactable via email!)

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi everyone!
So, I'm a doofus and can't find my camera! I swear I've looked EVERYWHERE and have no idea where the little bugger got to... I know I had it in my room last as I uploaded photos and haven't taken any more since... so for my idiocy you get my newest weekly segment early... it's called... *drum roll*

A BAT is short for A Bit About Toxin. Spookycute, no?
(For those of you that think it't TOO spooky, here's a cute bat (photo does not belong to me):
ANYWAY, this segment will maybe be weekly or just whenever I need a little break and want to tell you a little bit about myself.
First thing about me, I'm a photographer. 
Sort of. 
I don't yet have a DSLR as I'm unemployed and have no savings because I need all the money I can get just for food. Nail Polish is a mega splurge for me and the only thing that keeps me sane. 
I prefer to work with film becuase I feel it is more involved (I usually process and develop all my own work, including some colour!)
Here's some examples of my stuff:

Maitresse Rouge

La Fee Rose




Fleur de Lis

Red Elixir

Elixir of Life

A mere foible...

So now you know a bit about Toxin!
If anyone has suggestions of what they'd like to see for the next A BAT! please leave a comment in this post!

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I was tagged by the gorgeous Scandalous at Scandalously Polished. Here we go!

Three Names I go By:
1. Toxin
2. doom
3. Zozza (ugh my mum calls me this, some of my friends used to call me it in high school, traditionally "Aussie-fying" my real name, ie, Barry becomes Bazza, David becomes, Davo etc...)

Three Jobs I have had:
1. checkout chick
2. vampire waitress (no kidding! check it here)
3. telemarketer (most evil job ever, I didn't even last the trial period)

Three Places I have lived:
1. Sydney
2. Canberra
3. Melbourne (these are the ONLY placed i've lived haha)

Three favorite non alcoholic drinks:
1. Bubble tea
2. coke
3. dragonfruit vitamin water

Three Favorite alcoholic drinks:
1. frangelico on the rocks with lime wedges
2. Long Island iced tea
3. Death By Sex

Three TV Shows I watch (i'll put tv shows i have on my computer, cos i dont want proper tv):
1. True Blood
2. Metalocalyspe
3. Top Gear

Three Places I have been:
1. Brisbane
2. Alice Springs
3. Vanuatu

Three Places I would like to visit:
1. Japan
2. America
3. Europe (everywhere!)

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Jai
2. my Mum
3. my mate Alissa

Three Favorite old TV Shows:
1. Scrubs (old Scrubs yay!)
2. Secret Diary of a Call Girl
3. Dexter (looooooove it, love the books too!)

Three Favorite Dishes:
1. My AMAZING beef & guinness stew
2. my Nanna's roast
3. my Mum's lamb rogan josh

Three Makeup/Beauty products I cannot live without:
1. Absinthe lip balm
2. Nail Polish (a durr....)
3. hand cream

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Winter
2. Zombie Shuffle
3. Seeing my family

Three people I tag:
1. Sasha from Nihrida's Blog
2. Perry from PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures
3. L. from Bright Lights, Big Colour

Don't forget to enter my contest - less than a week to go!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My first successful water marble... yummy holos!

Hi everyone!
I've tried this a couple of times before but for varying reasons could never get it to work!
I think I did okay this time!

This is China Glaze - DV8, BFF & OMG marbled over DV8.

Before clean up (Look! Outdoors!):

After cleanup (indoors - ambient lighting or flash on these ones)


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