Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guest Blogger and Model!

Hello ladies!

Remember when I said I picked up two polishes at the supermarket?
Well they were both Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes, one was "Wild Life" that I showed you yesterday. Here is the other - #24 - "Black Out"
I wasn't expecting to love the pink quite as much as I did, I thought it would be a shame to take it off straight away, so for the other I brought in a guest model, My Boy, Jai!

This is two coats.

"Real Men don't do clean up!"

Now for his review on this polish:
"I'm thinking it could have been thicker, it seemed so wet, if that makes sense, like I'm used to wet meaning thin and patchy and crap... but this was okay. Anyhow it has hardly chipped yet but that won't take long. This was okay but I really want the black matte one. I also want to paint my truck in it."

So the verdict is: These are thin. I used 4 coats of the pink to achieve full coverage and Jai used two coats but its still a little patchy. Also, Jai wants 60,000,000 bottles of Manglaze "Matte is Murder".

Because I can - I'm going to let you know how these wear using Jai as my tester. They advertise as "Xtreme" wear - lets see how extreme they are when Jai is elbow deep in an engine. Because it's black - any chips will show up very clearly.

So what did you think of my guest this evening ladies? Should I let Jai occasionally join in my polishing madness, should I let him go back to computer games and engine bits, or should I be worried about the competition?



Evil Angel said...

I think Jai need Orly Iron Butterfly and he should do an eye of the day...but you know I'm just a pain in the arse! Ot maybe I'm giddy from lack of sleep :O

Toxin said...

I'll check it out hun. Oh god. Well at least we can share.

What is eye of the day? 0.o

Stephanie said...

Hehe, adorable! My boyfriend would laugh in my face if I asked him to be a hand model for me. Then he'd probably pat me on the head and say, "Hah. That's cute." You're a lucky lady :)

Toxin said...

He's alternative and was wearing black polish and eyeliner before I even met him. ^-^

Anonymous said...

ahaha! LOVE THIS! Can't wait to see how it wears. Your guest blogger is a champ, ryan may let me swatch on him, but he'd NEVER agree to let me post, cause he's a sissy like that

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Oh, Iron Butterfly for sure! Orly Goth? My husband is actually going to let me do his nails, and yesterday said he might do a matte black! (background - the husband is 58 - yes, I'm 36 - and an Engineer.....WOOT!)


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Loved this post, and my man would never wear any makeup of any sort, he's just not that type. Men my age, unless they are musicians, are afraid to do that, sadly.

I think Jai is a welcome reviewer, but ya gotta work on some more manly hand positions. No offense, truly...those last three are a bit too girly for his manly hands. He should be holding a wrench or something. :)
Looking forward to the wear part of the review.

gildedangel said...

He should definetely model more often, he has very nice nails!

Lisa Kate said...

Love this! I wish my man would let me paint his nails...but I think the old ladies at the bank where he works would have a heart attack!

I really want to see how these wear! I want to buy more but we'll see!

Evil Angel said...

Eye of the day is and eye makeup look! :O
Chris will do nails but if I came at him with eye liner he better be unconcious. lol

Toxin said...

Scandalous - he's definately a champ! When I ask him he kinda give me a "seriously?" look but then agrees. Hehe.

Tiffani - awesome! I might have to snag Orly goth for both of us! That's a fair age gap hun - proof that it makes no effing difference what your age is - if two people love each other - why the hell not! I met Jai when I was 18 and he was 30 - it caused a scandal in my family! They all love him now though. :)

Elizabeth - I'll let him know how well he's being accepted, haha!
I think he totaly looks like a rockstar - he doesn't play an instrument but wants to learn bass. :)
And yes - I promise, more manly hand positions. I love your idea of a wrench! I'll try that today! :)

Gildedangel - he NEVER bites his nails. When we met he had one hand with short nails and one hand with pointy claws. It looked cool!
Since forever he has taken care of his nails, filing and buffing. Now to convert him to a bit of hand cream maybe!

Lisa Kate - thanks! Maybe start on his toes? Hehe!
And yep - keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts for how these wear.

Evil Angel - ohhhh coool. Next time we go clubbing and we do our makeup I'll make sure I snap a pic!

Jenny$1983 said...

I say rope him in whenever you can - it'd be fun and different to see on a blog :)

Toxin said...

Jenny - thanks for the tip! If he's agreeable I'll definitely try!

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