Sunday, July 24, 2011

All new Toxin... All new Toxic Lipstick...

Hi Lovelies,

Toxic Lipstick will be getting a brand new look very soon, so please excuse me if things don't match for a while!

Speaking of new looks, check out these gorgeous new pictures of me taken by the very lovely Angela of Miss Angela Photography! You can also see her facebook page here!

Love to you all,


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still alive...

Hey guys,
I'm still around - okay so my grand return was not exactly what I was expecting but I certainly hope to start posting more often.
At the moment I am still working from phone pics so no love today :(

Just to prove I am still a mad fanatic (not that you need any proof) - here is something I just discoevered - these are the polished that were on my bedside cabinet. These are ONLY the ones that are within reach  - not with the rest of my stash...



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello again!!!

Hi everyone!

Sooooooo my job has officially taken over my life - BUT - I am still painting my nails like ever and thought I would share!

By the way - yes I took these with my phone, it's been so long I have NO IDEA where my camera charger is! Sorry!!

I used a franken pinky-nude as the base - this was actually my first failed attempt at frankening my own mannequin colour - and Konad special polish in black with the lace design from plate m65.
Because my talons are verging on velociraptor the image did not cover my entire nail I freehanded black french tips with Diamond Cosmetics - Starry Night.

I would really love to hear what you think - I know my technique has dropped since I stopped blogging and I welcome all critique! My cuticles need a LOT of help I know...

Talk to me my darlings - I missed you all so much!!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyeko love!

Hi everyone!

Eyeko. I want to love them so much...

I have been a little disappointed in some of their polishes (remember this one) but they have adorable packaging and sweet ideas. I went off and got myself a haul - eyeliners, lip products, the lot!

I am in love with their Soho lip gloss -

the right amount of sticky, shiny and colour, a sweet smell and not overpowering. Watch this space as I have man y more makeup looks coming your way!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need some serious help!

Hello again my lovelies!!

No pics today - but I need a favour from some of you...

I'm running low on a few supplies and am now lost on where to go from here.

So in the comments section, tell me your favourite:

Base Coat?

Top Coat? (Seche still has my heart, i'm one of those magical people that it doesn't shrink on and doesn't go gluggy at the end of a bottle. I'm on my 5th bottle and have never bought the thinner for it.)

Finish? (Matte, Glitter, Holo, Flakie etc.) And what your fave product is to get that effect?

All time lemming polish?

Konad wheel - and which design?

Other thing I need to have?

That's all for now - I'm loading up some pics as I'm typing so look forward to pics of new stuff soon!!



Monday, November 1, 2010

A quick post for Halloween...


Okay lovelies I know I have been ignoring you for far too long... I miss you all so much!

I have been lurking away in the background and am now planning my return to toxic lipstick fresh faced and with a swag of new polish for you all to feast your peepers on!

In the meantime, even through we don't really celebrate halloween here in Australia some friends of mine hosted a halloween party!

Here's me all dressed up...

"who the heck is that supposed to be?" I hear you ask?

Black Cat from Spiderman!!!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and wishes while I have been away, keep your eyes peeled for more from the little Aussie Gothling...

Oh and just before I go... it's my birthday tomorrow.

Send me some love!



Saturday, July 17, 2010


Okay so I remember the gorgeous Stiletto asking how it is that cars have so many GORGEOUS chameleons and multichromes and yet we're stuck with boring duochromes!
I picked this up at my local random dusty polish place for AU$3!

It's from US #1 Beauty (Anyone heard of these guys? I haven't!) and apprently this one is toluene and formadehyde free (if you're into that...)

I COULD NOT capture the amazing multichrome in this, it keeps showing up as a green/purple duo instead of the blue/purple/green/yellow magnificence that it should be!

I'm considering getting a heap of these for a giveaway! Anyone interested?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vault 101: Ruby pumps + nail foil!

Hello lovelies!
Okay so this one is pretty self explanatory!
I've used the infamous Ruby Pumps as a base coat and then tried the lace foil over the top!
I LOVE this!

Blurred to show the ruby pumps amazingness!

Sorry for the quick post - I'm so tired after work now!
But hey, I'm posting!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vault 101: Fire peacock foil.

Hi guys!
Hopefully I will be posting more regularly from hereon!
Unfortunately my workplace isn't too happy with mad colours, I'm pushing boundaries but my boss doesn't really like it, she has about 5 bottles of nail polish (OMG) and keeps her nails super short, she thinks mine are CRAZY!
Here's a vault pic to kick us off, from the time when my nails were very short!

This is another foil, i really think it is hideous! The orange and yellow tones clash with my skin, but let me know what you think!

For the base coat I used the gold-orange colour from the haul sent to me by Scandalous, I haven't swatched it yet! Argh!

If anyone likes this, please let me know. I have a HUGE roll of it and I'll likely never use it again!
Miss you all so much!

Love, Photobucket

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I know! I haven posted in ages!
I'm currently fixing up some pics to post - in the meantime, here's a pic of my new baby!

Manky Rat!

He's a total sweetie! He's stopped biting and loves to cuddle!
He loves chocolate and dry pasta! 
Do we have any other rat loving bloggers in the house?

Love, Photobucket

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vault 101: Silver leopard print foils!

I know I know,
I said I was back and proceeded to not post any pretty pictures.

"Ya, great Toxin, you're back,


And I agree with you.

So here you go - one that's been a long time coming, these are what I did just before I decided to drop a 15kg (about 33lb) box on my thumbnail. Yeowch.

As you can see I didn't do an amazing job - but I loved this!
I used Colour Club - After Hours as my base (a black shimmer) then Kami brand glue and Nail Art Sealer (this doesn't wrinkle or craze foils and you can use FDTC on top! - I got mine on eBay), then as per usual slapped some Seche Vite on top.
Oh an excuse the random bit of funk under my nail in that last photo. (is it cardboard? Food? I have no idea!)

I am quite convinced that these little beauties saved what remained of my nail.

I did paint my nails while away, but I won't subject you to my nubbin photos, it just means I'll have to paint them again! (collective "aww")


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back with a vengeance...

Surprise my darklings!
I told you I'd be back!

Here's a mini update on everything that's been happening in my little world...

Started temping, finished temping, got called back to work as casual contract for the company, broke my thumby nail (but you knew that), racked up a stupid internet bill, got cut off, got taken on as casual by work, watched my nails grow, received a mystery package (WHO WAS THAT!?!? TELL ME!!!!!!) did some modelling, and yesterday, the big day, finally got the internet reconnected AND got offered a permanent contract at my job! Yay!

I know I've missed a LOT while I've been away, you all need to fill me in ASAP!
What's the gossip? Who's hated? Who's new? What trends are you loving? What life changing posts have you made? What have you been doing with your lovely selves?!

In the meanwhile, here's the result of one of my modelling ventures! (clicky for bigger!)

Comment on this post with EVERYTHING I've missed!!! Or email me if it's OH... MY... GOD... kind of news!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm okay!

Hello all my lovely darklings!
I miss you all very much!!!
I'm doing a quick post at a friends house to let you know everything is all okay and that I miss you!
I managed to rack up a whopping internet bill and am currently in the process of paying it off, until then I'll be away but hopefully for not much longer!
Thank you all for your kind words while I've been away!
Also, I just got word that my work has accepted me full time until AT LEAST july! So YAY!
I've been crazy busy and luckily with income I'll have this monster bill paid off very soon!

Love, Photobucket

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evil Shades ROCKS!

Hello my darklings!

Very recently I ordered a tiny haul from the very lovely Evil Angel (one of the Wicked Vixens!) who owns her own makeup company called Evil Shades.
If you haven't seen her stuff before, check it out here.

You're back? Okay!

Last night I decided to play around with everything I got! Are you ready for this?

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