Sunday, February 28, 2010

Safe for work...

Hi everyone!
The other day I had a job interview so my lovely colours had to be removed and do... safe for work colours.

Ugh. I hate it. I mean, just because my nails are holographic turquoise (they're not...) doesn't mean I can't be professional, right? Better to play it safe in the interview stage I figure.

This is Avon Nailwear in "Venus" - i've had this one FOREVER. I got this at the same time I got a pastel purple - and I remember wearing that to primary school! Gak!

I mattified it... thought it would make it look cooler. It did, purely because matte is a novelty to me still (lol)

On another note - I received these two lovelies in the mail!

And oh... my... god... how have I been polishing my nails for this long without Seche Vite? It's AMAZING. Though I've heard scary stories of tip shrinkage and it going gloopy after using only half a bottle - any tips on how to work this stuff the right way?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

banner design... again!

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick post to let you know I have made another blog purely for banner design!

Check it out here

It's still under construction for now but I hope to have it up and running so I can stop hassling you lovely ladies and give you more polishy posts! Doesn't that sound nice?

I'm including some "how to" posts - as well as work that I have previously done.

NB: if you DO NOT want a banner I have designed for you PLEASE let me know via email. I will not be putting them up for a few days in any event. :)


Friday, February 26, 2010

Groove Thang...

Hello again lovelies! This is what I had on a couple of days back - another from "The Haul" - Colour Club's Groove Thang!

It looked awesome in the bottle - I couldn't wait to try this! Green and purple duochrome shimmer on black! YUM!

Unfortunately... it wasn't. On my nails it just looked plain black - maybe a tiny, tiny, tiiiiiny, hint of colours if I pressed my nails into my eyeballs... I was disappointed. I might try this with matte and see what happens at a later stage.

Excuse my insanely crappy photos today - I was desperate to capture the colours!

Oh well! I can never have too much black polish! (My previous bottle had turned to glug city - adding thinner just made it separate and... uh... chunks... ew...)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Where is boom?"

This is anther one from "The Haul" - probably the first one I gravitated towards becuase
a) This is my first OPI (!!!)
b) I looove vampy colours!

This is OPI's Boris and Natasha

I wasn't happy with the application - no idea if it was the polish or me but every time i put another coat on it took more off at the base of my nail.

I thought it would look nice with my new China Glaze matte magic over the top...

No... just... no...


Blog Design... back up!

Hello again!

Do you want a banner for your blog? A button? A fancy signature?

Just a quick update to say I'm more than happy to start taking requests for blog banners/sigs/buttons again.

I can't draw - so if you want a specific image in your banner you will have to source it if I can't find stock, as I don't want it coming back to bite me in the arse for not having the appropriate licenses for using images.
Other than that I have a huge selection of photoshop brushes, textures and stock so I will most likely be able to come up with something you like!

I accept donations for my work in all forms - gifts or if you want to donate something to me in cash form I have paypal.
I don't charge anything but if you want to discuss this I will do so with you after I have the completed the requested work to your satisfaction to give you an idea of time and work involved.
I do not demand payment in any form but appreciation of the work I put in is much appreciated!

Also, please not that depending what else I have going on and how loaded up I am it may take a small amount of time to have everything finished to your liking, but likely this will only be a couple of days, mostly due to time zone differences.

I can also help you to tweak your blog so it sits right and looks good, sending you easy step by step instructions (with screen shots if you like) of how to make the most of it!

My email is all over my blog, or if you'd prefer, leave me a comment in this post (WITH email address PLEASE!) and I'll get back to you asap.

Some examples of blogs using my banners/signatures/buttons/images:

Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss

Scandalously Polished (in progress)

Sparkle is My Crack

I want to add your name to this list!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OOooOOoooOOoooh. New stuff!

Hello Ladies!
Didja miss me? :P

I'm feeling a bit better (my ebay purchases arriving cheered me up heaps - not to mention Scandalous's package!) and I have bags of stuff to show you - but rather than bash it all out into one long post I'll pace myself as best I can. This means even if i'm feeling crummy I'll still have something to post.

First off - the first thing I tired out of Scandalous's Package (hereforth known as "the haul") was China Glaze's Matte Magic - I wanted to see what it would do to my gradient mani.

Up next was this little beauty that Scandalous insisted I try first.
Your wish is my command!
Unless your wish is for me to do clean up right now. 
Acetone is making me cough and when you feel like your lung is ripping open every time you cough I think not doing clean up is excusable.

Because I'm new to the whole nail polish blogging scene AND am living in Australia I was completely oblivious to all the buzz going on a while back about this polish. 
But now I know. 
And for those of you that don't - meet opulent cloud. 
A dark purple tinged pewter with a soft gold flash. At first it didn't grab me, but it's growing on me the more I look at the bottle. 

I'm a bit undecided about how I feel about Sally Hansen polishes - the watery but nice black, the AMAZING pink, the laughable "Xtreme" wear, and of course let's not forget the "natural" shade that was paler than Edward Cullens skinny eternally pre-teen arse.

So stay tuned my lovelies! There's HEAPS more to come!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Hiatus

Hello girls!

And don't worry - I really do mean small! Went to the hospital today but no luck - four hours of waiting in emergency and by then the line was going out the door with head wounds (what - did the zombies invade at exactly the time I need to go to hospital?) so hopefully another doctor might be able to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

On a much happier note - I got a package today!
Scandalous from Scandalously Polished is THE most amazing girl. Between her and Evil Angel from Black nail polish and lip gloss, they really have made me feel involved in this community.

I'll post pics of the haul later - its been a hell of a day. I ended up painting my nails a few times (daaamn you smudges!! oh - and I could SWEAR the coffee table moves when I'm not looking...) so there's a few pics on their way.

I also have a meeting with my Job Network this week so hopefully Toxin won't be unemployed much longer. Less time but more money - works for me!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for acid...

Hello ladies!

Still here for now - but I need your help.

I'm craving an acid green polish. NOT neon yellow, NOT neon green, but their nuclear, radioactive, glow-in-the-dark, burn-out-your-goddamn-eyes-bright, bastard child.

I don't know anyone who makes this colour of what its called.

(I'm thinking of making my own... CC limelight+yell-OH...)

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I need it!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gradient WIN.

Hello my lovelies!
I was originally going to try one of those "swoop" manicures I've been seeing around the place with these colours.

But I can't draw straight lines. Ack.
So instead i broke out the sponges I used for zombie-toes and has my first ever crack at a PROPER gradient mani.

I'm immensely impressed with how well I did!
It looks so much brighter in real life.

As you can see up close you can see sections that look blotchy and a bit weird, but even I'm not looking that close IRL.

I think I might keep this one on longer than I anticipated.

Also - i'm feeling a bit better but still can't sleep though the night due to pain. Going to hospital today. Wish me luck. :)


Okay kids, I have a game I want to play!

See the little iPod in my sidebar? I want YOU to pick a song you have NEVER heard by a band you've NEVER heard of. Check the comments and make sure it hasn't been picked. Listen to it all the way through. Then tell me what you think... Even if you HATE it.

(Also - if you say there are no songs you've never heard... I don't believe you.)

THEN I want you to recommend a song you think I'll NEVER have heard before.


[NB: some songs have naughty words.]


Bored now.

Hello ladies!

Ugh. I am sick of swatching plain colours. I want to do some nail art so I can get better at it!

Unfortunately... er... I need to get better at it!

Blargh! Unhappy!

So to make me happy I swatched a plain colour. o.O
This is Urban Decay's "Bruise"
I frikking LOVE this colour.
As you can see it is a dark purply burgundy with green shimmer.

Also - Xtreme wear - day 4.

Um... fail.

Now for the yak yak part of my post today. If anyone has noticed me being bitchy, snarky, or generally emotionally absent lately (HA!) it's because I went to do doc yesterday as I've been having three days of pleuritic chest pain. Not good. The doctors are a little stumped as I do not have the normal symptoms of pleurisy, just the pain. So it could be a number of things for which I may need to go to hospital. Bleargh. I just want it to hurry up and be pay day already... I know exactly what will cheer me up... >:D


Friday, February 19, 2010

Goddamn Sparkles!

Hello Ladies!

This is my newest addition to my little polish family (I recently ran out of room in my shoeboxes - and they were falling apart! - so I moved them to a new home!)

I'm really starting to notice the huge gaps in my polish collection.
More purples than anything. Until last week, no pink, no flakes, no silver.

Thankfully these have all now been rectified.

I picked up Rimmel's "Your Majesty" from a discount pharmacy.

Also - I did do clean up but the sparkles ended up EVERYWHERE. 
Hence this post's title.
Goddamn it...
Glitter is the herpes of the cosmetics world.

I really like this!
Its super streaky with bothers me cos I'm a maniac about streaks (and BUBBLES) but it's still really pretty.

Why the hell do pharmacies/chemists/drugstores sell polish anyway?


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