Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 things that make me happy

I've been tagged by the AMAZING Scandalous from Scandalously Polished
I have to post 10 things that make me happy and then tag 10 people. Here we go...

1. Melbourne. I frikking love it here, even with the floods, fires, violence and so on that you see on the news, I can't get over how amazing this city is. Gorgeous old buildings like the Gothic Bank (below) mixed in with all the crazy newness and everything that makes this city what it is. Love!

2. POLISH. It's a given, but there's nothing like the feel of having your nails done in amazing colour, even if you're having a bloaty day, your hair's a mess and you have a gigantic zit, you can still feel well groomed and pretty! Also having people go "oh my GOD are your nails REAL?!" and then freaking out when I say they are. This happened YESTERDAY. :)

3. Vampires. Proper vampires. None of this sparkly bullshite. Their romantic nocturnal dreamy antics always make me wish I could wear head to toe elegance and be a creature of the night.

4. Puppies. I never liked dogs as a kid. My friends had little yappy fluffballs, nothing against small dogs but I'm not a fan. Sure, they're cute as heck (Sasha - your little baby is CUUUUTE) but they're not for me. Too licky! One of my housemates has a bull arab and he's a gigantic little kid, he's so much fun to play with and when I wrestle with him I'm not scared I'll break him. Also, he's so gentle. He knows I'm a girl, also that I'm hesitant around dogs and that he has to play nice with me. :)

5. Invader Zim. It's random, in turns creepily intelligent and INSANELY STUPID. If you've never heard of Zim, watch this:

And yes... this is what it's like inside my head...

6. Going for drives with Jai. I can't drive but going for drives with Jai is so much more fun than being a passenger with anyone else. We can just be comfy and sit in silence, or talk, or have music. He's from Queensland and I was born in Sydney, raised in Canberra so exploring Victoria is a novelty for both of us which makes it so much fun!

7. Doing pretty makeup. I'm not good at it get but just playing with makeup is so much fun and makes me feel like I was when I was a teenager borrowing my mum's lipsticks and eyeshadows and foundation. (She let me borrow them.) One of my favourite lipsticks is my bright pink Givenchy that she gave me because she didn't wear it anymore and it matched my fluoro pink hair perfectly!

8. Corsetry. Nothing beats the sensation of a properly laced steel boned corset, changing the shape of my body to what I dictate, not what's on the TV, fixing my horrible posture (I'm 5'10" and feel like I'm surrounded by midgets sometimes HAHA so my posture is terrible) and going from tall thin stick insect to curvy, booby, gorgeousness.

9. Blogging. I love this, sitting with my crazy overheating Macbook Pro (Known as "Po" - the r had a thiny stick on it that I picked off, taking the r with it!) and knowing that there are people out there sharing my obsessions, enjoying my rambles, laughing at my so called "wit" and feeling like I'm part of something. In only a couple of months I've made friends, been accepted, learnt so much and gotten so many lemmings! (Lookit me go! Using terminology! HA!)

10. This really should be number 1... Photography. Not that you would know from my happy snaps on this blog but I am an avid photographer. I moved to Melbourne for Uni to study a B.SC. Scientific Photography after completing a photography Major in college. I looove film, especially black and white and large format, but am now wrapping my head around digital photography. I have a Canon Ixus that is an AMAZING little snappy camera but I really would love a 50D. Hopefully soon I'll get a job, have decent income and be able to buy myself one!

Now, I tag (sorry if I've forgotten your names *headdesk* its 2am) :
2. PerryPie from PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures
3. Elizabeth from Lacquered Lizard
4. Jessica from Polished Lyrics
5. Nicole from Magic Maid
6. Skye from All Things Beauty with Skye
7. Lisa Kate from Sparkle Is My Crack!
8. Sarahloo from Sarahloo's Naildoo's
9. Trinca Espinhas from All About My Nails
10. Loverlada from Dainty Darling Digits

Let me know if you do this! I want to read yours!



Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa...back up... you don't drive!!!!???!!!!! Holy balls! It trips me out everytime I hear someone say this! Like, you *don't* drive or you *can't* drive, like never learned?? I think my brain just exploded

Toxin said...

Haha both kinda. I was 90% of the way through my L's in Canberra and then moved to a different state, meaning I'd have to start again but with more traffic, added trams and crazy new rules. I'm getting my L's soon though!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Thanks, hon...and if you didn't know, you won my contest!!! WOOT!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I should have added that I love this tag too! I like reading it on other blogs and it was fun to do. Thanks for the tag! Corsetry! Awesome! I have a friend who makes her own corsets. I should encourage her to start an etsy shop or blog about it or something.
I'm so with you on the vampire thing. Twinkle Twilight is just pure silliness.
I would love it if you'd share some of your photos here!

Nicole said...

Aww, I love these tags, they're so much fun to read. I love to play in makeup too. I still am not what I'd call good at it compared to some of the makeup gurus on YT but I'm better at it than a lot of the girls I know IRL, and it's all practice, I think! I bet you're better than you think. ;)
I've already done this one! You can read mine if you like, but thank you so much for thinking of me! ♥

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