Saturday, January 30, 2010

Totally Nude!

Hello my lovelies!

Okay take a deep breath - I'm about to show you my nails.


100% NUDE...

Are you ready?


But seriously? They're not that bad. I wear nail polish EVERY DAY without fail, I don't think I even own a nail polish that IS Big 3 Free... and I use acetone nail polish remover.
I'm surprised at how yellow they aren't.
My hands are a bit dry here though...

My cuticles on the other hand... please continue to ignore them.
I've decided sometime soon I'm going to have them professionally done just so I can see what they do to my cuticles - and if it works.
I have a reference for a couple of good salons here in Melbourne.

Also - what looks like gunk under my nails?
It's not. Thats my skin!
As I have had long nails since I can even remember it's not literally impossible for me to cut my nails back all the way as the skin under my nails is growing up under the edges of my nails. Which means as you can see my nail beds are now freakishly long.
Does that make sense?
Does anyone else have this problem and can tell me why it happens and what to do about it?

Also - feel free to critique my nails - if you can see a problem and can recommend a solution - I want to know!


Anonymous said...

you saw my frightening yellows. *shudder*. I'd be thrilled to have your level of yellow hehehe

Toxin said...

Thanks hun! For me I'm usually wearing polish - completely bare nails freak me out! So for me the yellow is really not an issue. I'd happily trade you! Haha

Claudia said...

SO jealous! I wish I had your nail beds! LOVE the length
I think mine are half of that, and they don't even grow to the edge of my finger... well nothing to do about it =P

PerryPie said...

As to your cuticles. Don't bother with a salon. Just moisturize the hell out of them. Here in Calgary it's wicked dry. So I moisturize all the time. About the skin under your nails, use something metalic and scrape them. I use an old pair of tweezers that aren't good for tweezing anything now. Try and make it even, not jagged to remove the skin from underneath. Most of that is probably dead skin at this point and after you've soaked them for a while, say after a shower, just go at it and scrape them out. But again, don't go overboard. If it hurts, stop. If it bleeds, sure as hell stop.

Toxin said...

Thanks hun! Here in melbourne it's either crazy humid or super dry. I'll pop down the local beauty place and pick up some lotions and potions!

Sometimes even filing my nails they can start to bleed. I think i've left it WAY too long. They've been like this since high school.

PerryPie said...

Oh darn. Yeah, I think when they're kinda soft, see if you can use your nails and gently scrape some of the dead skin off. But it also sounds like the skin under your nails is really delicate. Because your nails have stayed long, you probably haven't given the skin there to get thick as they're always protected by your nails. I think the only thing you can really do to reduce it would be to slowly cut your nails back. I don't how committed you are to that though. For me chopping off my nails is no big deal, I find the after i cut them, it's liberating. But I totally understand not enjoying short nails. Let me know how slowly getting some of that skin off works. I can see how letting it go too long could cause you some problems in the future.

Toxin said...

Haha yeah - maybe I should make a blog post - "the perils of long nails!"

I'll post if i try anything!

jellynat said...

I didn't need a deep breath! They look healthy and beautiful even naked. I don't think I've ever seen nails like yours anyway. So narrow and with such a long nail beds. Insane. They have quite a fascinating shape.

As for skin under the nail growing beyond the finger tip, I have this on my index and pinkie and it looks like I have dirt too. He he. I see I'm not the only one. During year, I've had my nails super short (I really don't like having long nails) but since I grow them a bit longer than I used to, it occur. Beside gently pushing the excessive under skin with a wood stick to begin then progressively shorten them, there's few that can be done. If you shorten them, the skin will understand it's too invading. It's not uncontrolable. :P

As for cuticles, I realize you don't need more than that to keep them beautiful and healthy: moiturize regularly, every day. At night, I apply a rich shea butter cream on naked nails. Moisturizing the nail also prevent from yellowness. But frankly, your nails are really not that yellow!

Toxin said...

jellynat - i'm glad i'm not the only one with the weird skin thing! I thought i was mad.
I've always been super lucky with my nails - they're strong unless I do something really stupid like slam them in a car door (owwwww....)

I feel super weird if i don't have a bit of length in my nails - though i'm considering for an experiment keeping them short as possible for a month (never tried this because of the skin thing) I might try your idea with an orange stick first though - the idea of scarping them sounds super painful.

I'm so lazy with my hands - its really bad. I'm a freak with suncream (i'm half british and a goth living right under the hole in the ozone layer!) but other than that i really need to make an effort!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments.

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